Sunday, December 9, 2012

Papercut Good! Carpal Tunnel Bad!: Bibliopunk Convention (aka Kuching Zine Fest): MAY 2013!

(FIRST OFF: The DATE IS SET, to enable friends to purchase tickets to Kuching. Hope you can make it. Thanks!)

“Papercuts good, Carpal Tunnel bad!”

This convention (a shy away from the oft-used “Zine Fest”) is, yes, ultimately a zine fest. And this time around, we would go beyond the usual DIY Hardcore Punk related zine fest and expand to include literature-based and zines of other interests.

Music has been taking the centerstage far too much in the DIY Hardcore Punk scene. For other scenes could be pardoned, but we have always been claiming our scene as having something “more than music”- our activism, our ideologies and beliefs, which are oftenly articulated and explained in our ZINES.

This event would be held in Phantom Limb, a DIY Punk space situated right across a prominent university here in Kuching, Sarawak, BORNEO. So we could expect not only punks, but probably a handful of university students as well.

Suggested activity include:
Zine/Book Talk: featuring zine makers from the whole Southeast Asia, hopefully friends Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia could participate. Will try to get a few “established” writers to be on the roster, if any of the Lejen are interested. Talk can be organised in the form of Forums/Panels with moderator.

3-Hour (because 24 is too much) Make-A-Zine: making a zine on the spot together with other friends and get it copied immediately (we will try to haul up a photostat machine to out venue at 2nd Floor)
Zine Readings: Zine makers read from their selected writings.

Writing workshop: learn it from the pros. Yes, zines should have no rules to it, but hey, you wouldn’t know what the “teachers” could teach you in improving your input!

Buku Jalanan Booth- we will try to bring good Street Library people (also Occupy Kuching) to our venue to share their pick of books with us.

Zine-Trade areas: Trade your zines in this area! Give it out for free! Trade zines with kisses and hugs!

Zine on Screen: screening of documentaries on zines.

Zine-sing: erm, acoustic segment where people sing about zines, anyone?

Book swaps: Books on your shelf are not going anywhere after you read them, why not swap it? Why not lent it out?

Foods, drinks, music and potlucks!

This would not be a one-off activity. Longterm plans might include:
1) Fortnight Reading Circle- Marxism, Postmodernism, Philosophy- whatever you fancy- each member could be distributed a Chapter to read beforehand, and have the content discussed. “Expert” moderator from nearby University is highly possible to be invited to guide our understanding.
2) Literacy Programme: teach kids nearby Samarahan to read, write and maybe, make their own zines.
3) Zine distro: we could form a team when like-minded individuals gather… and maybe, establish a zine library at Phantom Limb, if there’s people to run it.

Date is also tentative & subjected to change. Keep yourself updated.

Volunteers are especially welcomed! Contact us at midinrecords(at)gmail(dot)com for details.

DIY Book Publishers interested to sponsor Books or like to have their promotional material distributed or provide any form of assistance is most welcomed. Books not Bombs!

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