Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday morning...Punkrock give me special PUNKROCK SUNDAY MORNING

It is really early in the morning. I woke up that early and got two new "friend request" in Facebook.
Yeahhhh, they're two new friends from Mexico!!!
It really great to know them, because i've also have discover MEXICAN PUNKROCK BLOG , it is a blog that can give you an exprience of listening to many punkrock bands from Mexico.

And those two new friends are from two different bands in Mexico, they are :

    Play a fukkin fast punkrock with some technical touch. Yeahh, skatepunk that can make you always want
    to skate your board as fukkin fast as you can. They have release a Demo or EP i think, just get it digitally
    here SESSION en VIVO


    Three-piece punkrock , three chords, and 90's style just like the old Millencolin or Lagwagon...Yeahh!!!!
    Most people will say it's boring, but fukk that!!! I can deceive my ear!!! You can download their packet
    of punkrock here NO CONTROL . And don't forget to do a rotten pogo!!!!

* bonus :
   Thank's for the internet!!!!!!!!
   - Online Punkrock Radio by Don Irwin (San Diego, CA-USA)

   - Brazilian punkrock!!! DEAD FISH and more live of them

   - Chat session by Fat Mike and Alternative Press